lightvessel ELBE3

The steelmounted Lightvessel "ELBE 3" was constructed as "WESER (I)" to Substitute the 1874 builded "WESER" on it's Station in the estuary of the river WESER. It was build in the year 1888 and positioned in june 1889 onto the Station to supersede in a sequence of a half year rythem the older one. The usuality against other lightvessels the ships in the river WESER were not dubbed with names of important persons like mayors, they only got the station-name on both sides of the ship.

Now it is the oldesd operability Lightvessel of the world and calls ports at the Baltic- and German- Seashores for presentation by invitations.

Remaining : Since 1979 as a donation by the german government for traffic to the "Museumshafen Oevelgonne e.V. Hamburg" on the occasion at the 790th harbour festival of the port of Hamburg.

  • Shipyard : Johann Lange zu Grohn-Vegesack, Weser/Bremen
  • Year of construction : 1888, launching September, delivery November.
  • Ordered by : Bremer Senat, Authority for the buoying the River "WESER"
  • Type : Shooner with three masts, the trunkmasts were made by tempered steel rivited up to the holding of the yards. Up to the topmast was used at first pitchpine. as well as the jib-boom. All shrouds and stays were made in galvanizised steelropes, the runners were made from Manila-material.
  • Materials : Special-prepared shipbuilding-steel, thickness between 7 and 14 mm. The hüll is doubled-rivited, on special positions threetimes.
  • Planking weatherdeck:

Terms of the Lightvessel :

  • Lenght o. all : 45,1 m
  • Breath, moulded : 7,1 m
  • Depth, moulded : 3,95 m
  • Deadweight 600 tons
  • Measurement : 256 BRT

Attention : You will find another lightvessel called ELBE3 in Bremerhaven.